The Rising End

by Mourner

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released September 29, 2012

Mourner is Jim Adolphson, Bryan Frank, Dan Jensen, Jon Mcaab, & Josh McKay.

The Rising End
Recorded spring 2012 at Signaturetone Recording in Richfield, MN
Produced by Mourner and Steve Henningsgard
Engineered and Mixed by Steve Henningsgard
Mastered by Adam Tucker



all rights reserved


Mourner Minneapolis

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Track Name: 58th & Bloom
All these tortured images stuck inside of my mind with the words I was screaming, all the voices bleeding. Point black memories of a man’s life changed. The way things are processed, the everyday pain. Falling down, because where else is there to fall. I’ve played it back in my brain and considered slashing my veins but the pain appears to great.
Track Name: Knives Twist
This all has to stop if we ever want to see another sun up. The forests that burn on my shoulders stand as reminders that ghosts are liars. Carry skeletons out of closets, all of humanity consumes all its fed in order to stand the test of time. Tormentor, fake, soapbox heros that tell the tales of lust. Can I no longer escape thinking about the coldest january I’ve ever lived to tell of? Am I really here? Or am I just breathing for a show on the stage of the world? I’ll never know.
Track Name: In Absence of He
Awakening to hear the news of another pointless loss. The way the moon shines upon your headstone, wishing it was mine. No reasoning in what happened, and nothing to understand or comprehend in this tragedy. Those summer nights that were spent together will never be forgotten. The memories aren’t going away. In anger and in hate. But through loss I’ve found new meaning. I no longer bleed away the hours that consume my days. Take everything around you and burn it at the feet of existence. No reason for hope, and no hope for tomorrow, I’m scared of what’s to come. In sadness and in torture, we live. But buried beneath is love, but buried beneath is a life we all once new. Scarred but burned by the bright lights we all know, but where do they go?
Track Name: Darkest of Dreams
The god’s will fall in time, and the earth will forget all of it’s past. Forgive the lands and the blood that was shed on them. I stare at darkened hilltops, that the moon has touched. Bleeding serpent lust. The earths axis has tilted, and the oceans have washed away to space. Through sermons and demons, we will fall upon ourselves. Wolves surrounded by candles and burning pines. The cold forest floor is my home.
Track Name: Young & Ruined
Innocent and young, but you just can’t outrun. Sorry for hell my friend when you’ve done nothing wrong. And I can only venture to guess what you’ve been through, but can’t even fathom the pain. Nights you spent lying awake, no protection from shame. Because when hate comes to town, were all young and insane and it seems like humanity is damned. Because were all young and insane, and your view of life is torn. And from the eyes of these kids it seems like the ones who should help are never there. So this my letter to you when all the years have passed, you hopefully made it, and it’s not your fault.
Track Name: Mouthfuls of Dirt
Graveyard lies in the middle of my mind, and our burial plots were decided hours ago. But why don’t I see the same trust in your shimmering eyes? Bloodletting has become my everything and we don’t want it any other way. Hopelessness isn’t getting any easier to stay away from because of my acceptance and my greed. Lifeless, soul-less, buried, bleeding. Consuming all that surrounds me just to find that it’s false. Born in sin.
Track Name: Dying
I’ve come to terms, that I’m a leaver and a con artist. I hate all of the lines that became us. I savored those tears for years and years, and it’s taken it’s toll on us both. God damn the nightlife lifetimes created. You sold me on the medicine of mistakes. I’ve walked those allies, I’ve climbed those rooftops to oversee. I try to reach your heartstrings, no response. Just falls from grace. Just silence entombed. In my own personal hell. six more days until my mind is at rest. We lost our trust. With the hours that kept us in these cold, distancing rooms. I could take the photographs off the walls, but I’m afraid of tragedy. I continue to put love to rest.
Track Name: The Rising End
It’s all so different, yet all the same, and living this life embraces pain. A reason to be here and a reason to leave. At the end of the day no one believes. I lay alone in the darkness and the dirt while they sing songs of remembrance. You came from the same place your father did and ended up in the same corner of the earth. Live how we want and leave the rest up to them. Sitting in a box, the longest nights of existing, leading to unforgiving sins. Consume to destroy and rebuild. To sleep another day, it hurts doesn’t it? And this is how it incarnates.